Beth White 

In the more than 10 years I have been taking Pilates classes taught by Eva I have transformed from a person curious to try out Pilates to someone committed to two private Pilates classes guided by Eva per week. I am fortunate that I did not need to seek out Pilates to overcome an existing physical injury but rather I recognized that I needed something in my life that counterbalanced my hours of working at a desk and commuting in a car. I did not realize at the time but Pilates , especially Eva, was the answer to that need as well as providing me with strength, flexibility, and spiritual wellbeing.

My first Pilates class with Eva was a group class where the other four participants were not only dedicated Pilates participants but half my age—quite intimidating.However, Eva, in a lasting first impression, beautifully managed to guide each participant, me included, to perform to their best ability. On reflection, but for Eva’s extraordinary skill at reading each participant’s ability and Eva’s exceptional training and passion , I might have abandoned Pilates early on. Eva was realistically encouraging and devised safe and satisfying techniques for me to evolve in my Pilates practice. And along the way Eva was able to weave in the broader concept of physical and spiritual well being coexisting together that is core to Pilates . I now cannot imagine not doing Pilates with Eva twice a week.

There is so much to highlight in a testimonial about Eva—passion, dedication, professionalism, compassion, intuitiveness, knowledge, charm and caring. She is incredible in her teaching standards and knowledge of anatomy, always seeking out new knowledge and certifications. In all the time I have known Eva I have never been disappointed,unsatisfied or bored. Quite the contrary, each lesson is a me time experience with focus on making the most of each minute and improving from the last session…and having some laughs. Eva always finds a way to challenge me to be my best self. She instinctively knows what my body is capable of doing and mixes up the lesson routine each time. Best of all for me, I completely trust Eva’s directions and can focus on the physical movements, connect with my core and not worry about suffering an injury. I leave each session feeling rejuvenated .

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Eva and look forward to many years of continued training.

Lindsay Ritter

After my first class with Eva, I knew her to be in the top 10% of instructors I’d worked with in my 8 or 9 years practicing Pilates in California and New York. She is incredibly attentive, focused, fun and calming, a remarkable combination. 
Now, I have been doing Pilates for about 15 years, attended a Pilates instructor course, and know her to be an even better instructor than I realized early on. Top 1%! When you are healthy and strong, she is able to challenge you and take you to new levels of flexibility and strength. When you are injured, don’t trust your body anymore, and are afraid to injure yourself further, that is when her true talents shine through. 
After suffering a devastating shoulder, back and neck injury, I worked with numerous physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and half a dozen physical therapists. Very little improvement occurred over a couple of years and most thought the damage was irreversible. I began working with Eva doing regular private lessons. Slowly I regained my strength, and rehabbed my body to a nearly pre-injury state. I cannot recommend her highly enough or express my gratitude loudly enough. She is a zen guru of healing and wellbeing! 

May Gordon

Eva is an amazing pilates instructor who gives detailed attention to her clients, adapting exercises to suit their ability. She is one of those rare teachers who has mastered the art of showing loving strength. In other words, she knows when to push you while making you feel loved and supported. I am a retired professional dancer, with many old injuries, who has been choreographing and teaching for 30 years; I am very particular in who I choose to take class from. Eva is an extraordinary person who has made a huge difference in my life.

Misti Guenther

I am just finishing my Reiki 1 (via Zoom) and it’s a new way of life. I have always been so inspired by Eva and her passion for healing the body through pilates. I was going through a hard time and Eva asked if I would consider Reiki.  I was at my wits end and said I’ll try anything. Little did I know I was given the power to heal myself. She has helped me unveil this true power and positive energy flow from within my body. I never knew it was possible to heal yourself. I am forever grateful for a new perspective, rare anger, authenticity, and a JOYFUL new journey! Thank you, Eva!

Robyn Shutak

“I was so blessed to be introduced to this incredible meditation tool earlier this year. For me, Reiki is a beautiful and calming experience built on love and staying connected to yourself—something I have really needed during this unique ‘Covid’ time. I have noticed improvements in calmness, peacefulness and awareness in everything and feel endless gratitude and appreciation for Eva’s work and the opportunity to learn from such a gifted healer. Please do this for yourself, you deserve it”.

Betty Lou Towns ️

Without a doubt Eva has a rock-star-like following that is substantiated by her beyond-expert knowledge of Pilates, dance, and meditation as elegantly weaved into her classes.
However, for me, the cornerstone of a uniquely “Eva” class lies in the essence of her serious but playful spirit, which transcends into her teaching style and to her students, complete with her own special Pilates-Espana language that makes you giggle with delight (while your abs are burning!).
A typical class with Eva is a little bit like a high-end ‘Vegas production (without the glittery costumes).  As our show Director, she’s committed to making that one-hour performance (Pilates class) a blockbuster. She’s committed to making you (even though there may be four other students next to you) the star of the show, gently pushing you to perform at your highest level, whatever level, beginning to expert.
Everyone is a star in her class. She makes your solo act performance award winning–because beautifully, to Eva, whether you’re new or seasoned at Pilates, injured, or just had a rough day at the office, you’re a gorgeous dancer/Pilates student and she loves helping you get on pointe.
Thanks Eva for making every day a Cabaret at the Pilates studio! Thanks for the glitter, the gentle nudges, and believing in my physical capabilities more than I do.

Julie Curtis 

I’ve been practicing pilates for about 6 years, to manage knee and hip pain from old injuries, but last fall I got really busy with work and travel, and my practice lapsed. At the same time, I hit menopause, and this combination created a perfect storm that allowed my pain to flare up, more than ever before, and it continued to get worse and worse. I found myself avoiding walking, and limping when I did walk. Desperate to get back to a stable state, I started working privately with Eva, and steadily began returning to normal. Eva has a masterful knowledge of anatomy and exercise science and every move she has me make is purposeful and safe. Her workouts are full body/mind conditioning sessions that have strengthened the muscles around my injured joints, given me new awareness of my own body mechanics, changed the way I relate to my body, and opened the way for me to live without pain again. “I can’t recommend Eva highly enough.”

Sarah Scherger

How to describe a person who, on any given day, can instantly assess the physical state of my body, my energy level, and how my spiritual being is doing?
Eva’s innate abilities are supplemented by her diverse background in learning and teaching Pilates, yoga, physical therapy, massage, Reiki, and dance. By including aspects of all these disciplines into her Pilates instruction, she manages to bring a body into its most desired state of well-being. She certainly brings tranquility to my mind as she simultaneously leads my body into some wonderful variations of Pilates (variations due to my 69 years and two hip replacements).  Eva helps my heart with encouragement and with her own kindness reminds me to be kinder, too.
I feel sublime during and after every Pilates class with her.
Absolutely sublime… I cannot think of any higher praise I can give.
Thank you, Eva!

Marissa Messer

Wow! I have had the honor to know Eva for 6 years. She came into my life at a wonderful time … like it was destined. I was recovering from breast cancer and wanted to help strengthen my body by doing pilates. I’ve always been very curious of pilates and feel I began my journey in the best way possible with Eva. It turned out to be one of the best choices of my life!
Eva helped my inflexible body as well as my mind. She truly is a breath of fresh air with her spiritual side … which, in turn, helped me develop mine. Her outlook on life is so uplifting. I have also been fortunate to experience a Reiki healing with her. She nurtures and pushes me to challenge myself and succeed. 
Overall, Eva not only helped to transform my physical body, but she helped bring out my authentic self as well. I still see her weekly and can’t wait until I am able to see her again. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Having her in my life means more to me than she’ll ever know!

Ashley Shanander

After taking private Pilates sessions with Eva for years, I can no longer take sessions with anyone else. The quality of her sessions cannot be matched. She’s a second generation master Pilates instructor and supports her practice with a working knowledge of physical therapy and other healing arts.
I came to Eva broken and overworked, but she never gave up on me. She guided me through what I would describe as a renewal of my body and my spirit. I am so grateful for her. If you have crossed her path, consider it a gift.

Javier Arrieta

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and passionate instructor in Pilates, Eva is your answer. Eva is not only passionate about teaching, her understanding of anatomy and detailed explanation through Pilates are unique. She utilizes useful techniques to help her students overcome specific challenges during training. Eva’s years of experience teaching thousands of students around the world have contributed to develop a deeper understanding of the body. Thus, setting a strong foundation and skills to help the students to understand the importance of body strength and alignment and also to develop self awareness through body movement. Eva utilizes was useful for each student  and not always what’s has been established in the fitness world. Making her Pilates teaching selfless and dynamic. In other words, as the iconic and legendary Bruce Lee said:“A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.” – Bruce LeeEva’s Pilates teaching will help unleash and impact not only your body but your mind as well. 

Tonya King Cohen
Dance Instructor / Pilates Instructor 

My journey began with Eva at PT after an anterior/posterior fusion of L5-S1.  After 3 months of PT I was released to pilates class where the most amazing pilates instructor entered my life to change it forever. Her extreme knowledge of the body and her patience with my recovery was beyond what a pilates instructor was paid to do. As a dance instructor for 20 years I knew how blessed I was to be her student. Even though I am sure I was not a great student at times because of my weakness and limitations she pushed away with great love and encouragement. One year after my fusion the strength and flexibility she helped devolve in my body I decided to have my hardware removed. Six weeks later I was back in class with her. Eva was my instructor for 2.5 years (3 times a week) before she decided to pursue her career in LA. She was not only my instructor but my mentor to become a pilates instructor. Being the wonderful woman she is she sought out a place for me to get certified before she left us in Vegas.
I work as a dance and pilates instructor everyday. I owe my life to her and Joseph Pilates. In my mind I always end my workout with her words, ” you are as strong as a mountain and as flexible as a tree”. I miss her more then any words can explain and so thankful I had the chance to have her as my instructor and mentor. 

Ken Melton

I am a 13 year veteran of Pilates, with an average of more than 300 sessions each year. Over this time I have had some very good trainers and some not so good trainers. I have trained with Eva an average of 4 times each week for the past two years. Eva is an exceptional trainer. Her knowledge of physiology, body mechanics and classical Pilates theory enable her to optimize the Pilates workout for a person with any level of prior experience. Eva incorporates classical Pilates exercises with her own interpretation of how to maximize the benefits from each movement to develop new and interesting sessions. After 13 years of Pilates it would be easy to drift into a routine that isn’t particularly challenging or productive. Eva’s variety of movements and her evolving interpretations of classical Pilates routines make her sessions challenging and interesting. In addition to her remarkable knowledge and ingenuity in developing new routines, Eva has a very positive personality and challenges each person in every session, while being sensitive to their evolving capabilities. If you are serious about understanding Pilates and doing more than going through the motions, you owe it to yourself to train with Eva.

May Gordon

I love that your Reiki 1 class was so filled with ideas that are making me think about the possibilities of making others, my pets, and me feel calmer and less anxious. It came as a surprise to me that after just a few short hours, I left feeling so light. Due to the insightful ideas you gave, I felt more at peace than I’ve felt in a long time. I don’t want to give much away, but I think everyone would benefit so much just learning not only Reiki but also a bit about the different methods you use to achieve this state of “easy being.” All in all, a unique and wonderful experience, which I will be thinking about for some time to come. Thank you, Eva.