Tania Maync

Last weekend I went on the Pilates/Reiki retreat to Nayarit, Mexico organized by the remarkable Eva Texido Font. Though I was excited about the Pilates practice I had no idea what to expect having never before been on a retreat of any type, not knowing Eva or any of the other women in the group, and not even really knowing what Reiki was. What I received from the retreat was so much more than the intense physical training with a master teacher that I expected.  The workouts were indeed the most inspiring of my life: practices surrounded by the songs of nature—simultaneously the exciting wild sounds of jungle withthe calming sounds of soothing waves.  Just an incredible juxtaposition that feeds the soul and awakens a suppressed awareness in so many of us city folk of the inextricable connection between nature and humanity.  Yet something like this was what I was hoping for. What I was not expecting was the incredibly gracious and moving personal spiritual guidance I received from this amazing woman who demonstrates to all so plainly what so many philosophers have spent lifetimes and dissertations trying to prove—that happiness is a choice and that we are all in control of this particular aspect of our destiny. From the deep and powerful Reiki lectures to the astounding healing ceremony with the Toltec shaman, the recipients of these shared experiences and love could not help but form bonds of affection and mutual respect. I know I made some lifetime friendships in those mere six days.  Upon return to Los Angeles and “real life” as they call it, I have experienced a lingering after-effect of the spirit not unlike the physical lift one feels for a few hours after an intense Pilates practice. Just as my body does not slouch or slump as much after Pilates so my spirits and emotions have remained elevated and heightened since returning and I have felt more grateful and tolerant than I can ever remember. I have always known intellectually that I am lucky and express gratitude for what I have—if you ask me.  This trip, however, has made me conscious of this on a much more molecular and sentient level.  I cannot adequately articulate my experience in Nayarit beyond saying that it reminded me on a deep level that I am surrounded by love, friendship, and support.  Thank you, Eva.  

Becca Williams Perry
Owner/Designer at Lily Pad Floral Design
Pilates teacher 

Eva is by far the most knowledgeable teacher I have come across in my years of doing Pilates.
She knows both traditional and contemporary styles of practice.
She is a wealth of knowledge regarding Joseph Pilates and regards him with great admiration which shows in her teaching.
I always feel challenged in her class but never pushed beyond my limits.
She is also great at modifying for you if you are injured.
In the past I had a reoccurring back issue that had sent me in to physical therapy, ever since I have been working out with Eva I am stronger and my back issues are gone.
Eva is an amazing person and a beautiful spirit.  Whenever I leave her class I feel stronger & more rejuvenated.  I wish I could take her classes every day!

Sheila Frierson