About Eva

Eva Texido Font


Eva Texido Font is a Second Generation Pilates Master Teacher by Lolita San Miguel, Third Generation Romana Classical Pilates by Pilates Center of Las Vegas, University of Las Vegas Pilates physical therapy based program certified by DKP, PMA certified and continuing education teacher,  The Pilates coach certified,  a Yoga Fit certified teacher, AAFA personal and group trainer, a IPSB holistic massage technician and a Reiki Master. Adding to the certifications hundreds of hours of specialized workshops by renowned teachers like Bob Liekens, Jay Grimes, Jillian Hessel, Mary Bowen, among many more. Eva has been teaching movement and therapy for more than 30 years.

Eva was born in Barcelona, Spain and began training in Ballet, Jazz, Russian dance, Modern dance when she was six years old. She knew even then, dance was her destiny and has danced and worked as a choreographer professionally in Spain, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and the United States. She has danced in television and film in Spain and United States and spent 12 years dancing in various shows in Las Vegas. She started teaching dance at 16 years old as her Ballet teacher assistance. Her love for anatomy of movement, Fitness, physical therapy and holistic alternatives, took her to study and investigate the body through all kinds of disciplines and teach through all her dance career. When She finally left the stage, after more than three decades of performance and rigorous professional training, She decided to keep her passion for teaching specializing in Pilates and mindfulness techniques and using all her knowledge in a holistic approach to health and Fitness.

Offering Pilates and Fitness group classes, privates, mentoring and CECs for teachers, Reiki Certification, Energy Flow sessions, Jump board Pilates certification, online wellness training. Actually in Los Angeles, California.