Tina Esparza

I would take pilates from Eva every day if I could! I learn something new from her every class. She has a beautiful flow to her design, and I love learning about the history of pilates while working out. My form has improved dramatically through her instruction, corrections, and dedication to form. Her method of teaching is the best I have experienced in 10 years of practice!! Her passion for pilates is obvious, and contagious. Eva has a vibrant energy that enlightens every class she teaches. Both new and experienced students will love her…sign up early because her classes are always full! Gracias Eva, love you! 

Tina Esparza Retreat Testimonial

️Julie Curtis

I’ve been practicing pilates for about 6 years, to manage knee and hip pain from old injuries, but last fall I got really busy with work and travel, and my practice lapsed. At the same time, I hit menopause, and this combination created a perfect storm that allowed my pain to flare up, more than ever before, and it continued to get worse and worse. I found myself avoiding walking, and limping when I did walk. Desperate to get back to a stable state, I started working privately with Eva, and steadily began returning to normal. Eva has a masterful knowledge of anatomy and exercise science and every move she has me make is purposeful and safe. Her workouts are full body/mind conditioning sessions that have strengthened the muscles around my injured joints, given me new awareness of my own body mechanics, changed the way I relate to my body, and opened the way for me to live without pain again. “I can’t recommend Eva highly enough.”

Jon Emerson

Eva is a fantastic instructor for Pilates and overall fitness. I’ve been attending her classes one a week for the last 5 years. My main motivation was to rid myself of nagging back pain. With her help I feel stronger in so many ways and my back pain is gone. Additionally, the classes are really fun and enjoyable. I’m now a walking testimonial for what can be achieved with one hour of exercise per week.  Do yourself a favor and check out one of her classes or a private session.

Janice DeMore, M.A., SLP, CCC
Speech Pathologist

 I took a class with Eva and I knew I was with a dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, kind and spiritual teacher. She is attentive and respectful to her students. Eva is a gifted Pilates teacher. My breathing, balance and flexibility continues to improve under her care and commitment. I often tell people that Pilates changed my life. Eva and Pilates are a part of my life now, and I am grateful.