Stacy Ogawa 

I began taking Pilates classes about 3 years ago. I had recently just moved from Downtown LA, which at the time did not have very many viable workout options, and was busy with long days at the office. I was out of shape and needed some pep in my step. I had previously trained in ballet for 12 years and through college, and really wanted to achieve a similar aesthetic without the strict regimen of ballet classes. I missed the strength and length I had, which led me to sign up for my first class. I loved it from the first day- I immediately felt my core engage, along with every other muscle I had forgotten about! Ever since then i have made it a habit to go a few times a week, if not more. I was introduced to Eva shortly after, and she has challenged me even more, always pushing me to do exercises past my comfort level when she knows I am ready. Eva is truly the best, she can identify each individual’s strengths and weak spots immediately and tailors each class effortlessly. I make it a point to see Eva at least once a week if not more, and have seen the amazing results. My arms and legs are leaner and longer, my core stronger, and have regained my energy. Eva truly cares about her clients and exudes a passion for both Pilates and life. Her positive energy and outlook on life is truly contagious and I leave each class in a better mood than when I entered the door. 

Betty Lou Towns

Without a doubt Eva has a rock-star-like following that is substantiated by her beyond-expert knowledge of Pilates, dance, and meditation as elegantly weaved into her classes.

However, for me, the cornerstone of a uniquely “Eva” class lies in the essence of her serious but playful spirit, which transcends into her teaching style and to her students, complete with her own special Pilates-Espana language that makes you giggle with delight (while your abs are burning!).

A typical class with Eva is a little bit like a high-end ‘Vegas production (without the glittery costumes).  As our show Director, she’s committed to making that one-hour performance (Pilates class) a blockbuster. She’s committed to making you (even though there may be four other students next to you) the star of the show, gently pushing you to perform at your highest level, whatever level, beginning to expert.

Everyone is a star in her class. She makes your solo act performance award winning–because beautifully, to Eva, whether you’re new or seasoned at Pilates, injured, or just had a rough day at the office, you’re a gorgeous dancer/Pilates student and she loves helping you get on pointe.

Thanks, Eva, for making every day a Cabaret at the Pilates studio! Thanks for the glitter, the gentle nudges, and believing in my physical capabilities more than I do.

Kelly Quinn Asquino

I began practicing Pilates 7 years ago after suffering from a severe back injury that had me off work and in constant pain for 10 months – I was only 30 years old.  Pilates was my saving grace because it made me stronger to support my back, and more flexible so my muscles didn’t pull on my back.  Now I take Pilates twice a week, because my back is “Pilates dependent”; if I don’t keep it up, I reinjure my back. 

When I happened to take a class from Eva 2.5 years ago, I really liked how her class flowed and the level of difficulty. If you are in a class or a private, she always plans for the next exercise and prevents any downtime by having the needed equipment ready. I like this because it keeps me moving, keeps my heart rate up, and maximizes my workout.  Eva is also very creative in her practice; no two workouts are alike.  This comes from the experience and knowledge she has about all of the machines and equipment to give her clients a fresh workout each time.  Eva guided me through my pregnancy and recovery of a C-section, and it was her knowledge of the human anatomy and concern that she had about my weaknesses, that made me comfortable being under her watch during those two vulnerable times. An added bonus is her attitude – you will not meet a more peaceful, positive person.  My days are filled with chaos, but starting my morning with her is like a breath of fresh air because she radiates calm and carries an aura that you benefit from by simply being around her.  Take a private or a class from Eva, and you won’t be disappointed!