Cecilia Saikeo

Finding Eva was a blessing! Eva is an amazing Master Pilates instructor who’s classes are balanced by professionalism, discipline, creativity, and spirituality. The workout is challenging and rewarding on many levels. In addition, Eva is trained in PT and provides alternative movements if there is a injury or limitation (I have a metal rod fused to the majority of my spine). I’ve taken Private classes (specialized to individual needs) and group classes (reformer, tower, and jump board). After each class, I feel grateful, lighter, invigorated, and positive…

Eva’s spirituality flows through her Pilates classes as she is also a Reiki Master. Eva also performs individual energy flow treatments and group workshops. The energy flow treatments have been eye-opening and help me to be more self-aware. I look forward to learning more about Reiki and myself.

Eva has taught me so much and my life is better for knowing her with continued growth, both physically and spirituality.

Karine Bugdanowitz

I love my mornings with Eva. I love that I finish her classes felling tired from a great workout and also relaxed from a wonderful experience, a better person and looking forward to my day.

I have been taking Pilates Reformer classes on and off for the last 15 years, mostly in  New York, and mostly as a supplement to other workouts. After moving three years ago to the South Bay, I decided to focus on Pilates to increase flexibility. I found, thankfully, Eva. And then I began going every day.

I entered Eva’s class for the first time at thinking I had all the basics covered. But Eva is a perfectionist and she will make sure you learn correctly. She re-taught me what I had learned wrong, and immediately helped me get better.

Eva makes it fun and easy, which is why I returned day after day.  And if I didn’t get something quite right in class? Eva takes her time to post personalized videos for her students (for us all to see of course). She genuinely cares to help us to accomplish as much as we can.

But mostly Eva is a beautiful person inside and out and I feel blessed to have met her. Eva has that special kind of positive attitude that fills a room and that is contagious to her students. I have never felt as healthy as I feel now and Eva is big part of that. Thank you, Eva! 

Sonia Boba

My favorite teacher is Eva. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology which is evident in her teaching. She pushes you to your physical limits, encouraging you all the way without any judgment. Each class is carefully prepared and choreographed; each exercise flows deliberately and naturally to the next; no two classes are ever alike, so you have no preconceived expectations. She also infuses each class with her own refreshing brand of spirituality which is typically present in yoga, rarely in Pilates. It all makes for a unique experience.