Julie Curtis

Reiki 1 with Eva was a beautiful experience that continues to deepen for me as I practice. Because She has studied both the body itself and the mind/body/spirit connection intensively through various different disciplines, Eva seems to have a multifaceted understanding of Reiki, and she is able to pass that on to students in a truly inspiring way.

Evelyn Ruiz

I had never tried Pilates until my daughter took me in to meet Eva. I was very nervous but Eva was so sweet and kind… I relaxed right away. My daughter suggested private sessions. I feel 100% better now.  My posture has improved. My joints feel more flexible. An additional benefit is  emotional. Eva told me right away “no negative remarks about yourself”…so I stopped all the self-deprecating sarcasm. I highly recommend Eva. She is an amazing trainer and a positive influence. She has a loving energy. It’s more than a physical change, really.  It’s a new attitude she helps form with her encouragement. I am very grateful my daughter got me started and I look forward to every session. 

Gretchen Bruksch

I was first introduced to Pilates three years ago following a car accident which was both emotionally and physically taxing. Over the last few years, Eva has helped me not only strengthen my entire body and core, but also mentally rehabilitate through meditation, positive thinking and self-awareness. Eva is much more than a Pilates instructor – she is a life coach of sorts. I grew up playing sports and have always challenged myself physically, maintaining an active lifestyle outdoors and in the gym. In the same way that the best coaches have a unique understanding of each players abilities, strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunities, Eva is also personally invested in each of her students and works closely with you to achieve results and maximize your potential. Eva consistently challenges my limits, encouraging me to push myself harder than the last class and outside of my comfort zone while being careful to avoid injuries. Not only that, she makes me want to be a better person, look for the best in every situation and has taught me a higher understanding of tolerance, forgiveness and humanity. Eva has helped change not only my body, but my view of life. She is full of love and light.

Gretchen Bruksch | Senior Account Manager, Full-time Fashion & Retail | WBENC Certified

Lisa Binninger

Eva is the best!!

I have been doing Pilates for years with a number of different instructors, and I can say with certainty that Eva is beyond compare!! She is so passionate about what she does and it really shows. She is a natural. She can always work around any injury I may have, such as a fracture in my foot or my bad knees. No matter how my body feels when I meet with Eva, I will tell you that I always feel GREAT after my session. Thank You, Eva and White House Pilates!!

Amy Schmidt 

Pilates and  Reiki have been very beneficial in my healing process.I turned to Pilates to build strength and improve my posture which has reduced  the pain I was experiencing from a herniated disc. Reiki sessions have done wonders for me physically and psychologically.I was just hoping for a little relief from back pain.  After a session with Eva not only had the pain diminished I felt an overall calmness and at peacewith a more positive and balanced outlook.  I believe this attributed to my body’s ability to heal. Thank you Eva for the gift of healing.   

Amy Neyer

I started Pilates shortly after I graduated from Physical Therapy school. I had learned a bit about it in school, and the emphasis on core stability truly resonated with me. I had spent a great deal of time sitting during grad school as well – the polar opposite of what I wanted for my body – so Pilates helped prime my body for a more active lifestyle post-graduation. Soon after discovering Pilates, I took Eva’s class. She was the first instructor I went to that truly analyzed my body in each exercise, and provided hands-on feedback to ensure I performed each exercise appropriately. Because of that, I felt that I was receiving a private lesson each time I went to one of her classes, despite the 3-4 other students in the room. She seems to have 5 sets of eyes, and gives each student her personal attention often lacking in group classes. As I took more of her classes and grew in my practice, she helped me further progress and challenge my body appropriately. Beyond all of this, Eva is very loving and personal. She knows her students very well, and makes the Pilates experience more individualized because of her personal touches and care.